Banksias always win my heart

banksias are my favourite

Australian native flowers are my specialty.  And, while I love gum blossoms for their variety of colours, Banksias are my favourite of all.  They come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours.  When I zoom in with my lens their intricacy is amazing.  There are wonderful banksias in the Australian Botanical Gardens at Mount …

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Prints on canvas now available

prints on canvas

With the new “Nostalgia” series of photographs that I’ve been doing lately I decided to print some of them on canvas.  I am experimenting with different sizes but have ordered some in 10”x 12”.  The photograph is wrapped around the sides of the canvas giving a seamless look.  They are the perfect addition to a …

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New photography collection – Nostalgia

Hydrangeas and old book

It’s been a busy few weeks as I’ve been in the process of selling my beautiful house in Balmain and buying a gorgeous art deco apartment in Potts Point.  During this time I’ve also been photographing charming old-fashioned flowers like zinnias, hydrangeas and David Austin roses in still-life set ups with old books, fabrics and …

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Eucalyptus Blossoms

eucalyptus blossoms

Over the last few weeks I’ve been having a love affair with eucalyptus blossoms or gum blossoms as they’re often called. They come in the most fabulous colours: bright orange, a whole range of pinks from hot to soft, vibrant reds and deep burgundy. I love to photograph them all. I find them at the …

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Australian Native Flowers – my specialty

red gum blossom

I love photographing Australian native flowers but as I live in the city it’s not always easy to find good specimens in the wild.  My favourite place to go is the Sydney Flower Markets at Flemington. On Saturday mornings I set my alarm for 5.00am, get ready quickly and pack my trolley into my car. It’s only …

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